Asset Protection

Asset Protection Planning

A Legal and Ethical Way to Protect Your Wealth and Life's Work

10 Reasons You Need an Asset Protection Plan

  1. Your occupation is one that is at high-risk for lawsuits, such as physicians, lawyers, contractors, paramedics, pilots, or your career places you in the public eye such as politicians, professional athletes or entertainers.

  2. You own a business.

  3. You have significant assets or a high net-worth.

  4. You wish to make yourself a less attractive "target" for financial predators.

  5. You would like to protect certain assets in the event of a future divorce.

  6. You desire the peace of mind knowing that if you are in an accident or any other unfortunate situation, your personal assets will be safe if a judgement against you exceeds your insurance coverage.

  7. You have assets that you wish to protect from creditors and/or unexpected financial difficulties.

  8. You want to be certain that your assets are protected from the reach of nursing homes and/or long-term care facilities if you get sick and can no longer care for yourself.

  9. You desire confidence knowing that your hard-earned money will be protected now, and for future generations.

  10. You want to minimize your liability and risks associated with professional malpractice claims, misconduct, serving as a corporate officer or director or liability as guarantor of debt for someone else.